March 2017 – Farmitank CDTI Project

PARCITANK S.A. started in 2017 an innovation project in vertical agriculture in a controlled environment and LED light, under the name of FARMITANK. This project was co-financed by the CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the main objective was to develop the first vertical farm deposit capable of offering economic and functional advantages compared to farming systems (vertical farms and greenhouses) and adapted to the needs of the user.



Start date: March 25, 2017

End date: September 30, 2019

CDTI Unión Europea

During the execution of this project, different phases of research, manufacturing and tests are carried out to develop an integral system, starting only from an initial idea and from the ignorance of this technology. For this, it was necessary to manufacture three prototypes and the intervention of various collaborators such as research centres, technology centres and private companies.

Project phases:

  • Prototype I: Two small prototypes are made, consisting of a tank section of 6 m2 of crop where tests are focused on lighting research (intensity, photoperiod, spectrum, vendors…) and the first tests are made with lettuce to define planting densities and the transplant system. These prototypes are installed at IRTA installations, in Cabrils and at CIAM, in Monserrat. They allow us to know better the hydroponic growing system with artificial light.
  • Prototype II: In September 2017, the development of the medium-scale prototype is the first tank with a vertical farm function. This tank is 6 meters diameter and 7 meters high, with a useful cultivation area of 39m2 housing all the necessary equipment for total control of all the variables of the system. With this prototype it is intended to test all the mechanical and structural elements, as well as the lighting, climate, irrigation and control equipment and also to check the harmony between all the technologies used, contrasting the results by growing different varieties of lettuce and aromatic herbs. This deposit was commissioned in September 2018 at the Parcitank facilities and currently serves as an experimentation center and laboratory for the Farmitank technical team.
  • Prototype III: This large-scale deposit is put into operation in August 2019 at the facilities of the Montserrat Agronomic Innovation Center. Its dimensions are 6 meters in diameter, 13 meters high and 18 cultivation levels, corresponding to 234m2 of cultivation. The objectives of this prototype are the analysis of assembly, operation, and large-scale production. In coordination with the GAC company, the associated operating costs are analyzed to obtain an assessment of production costs based on electrical consumption, labor and consumables.

Technologic and research centers associated with this project are the next ones:


Aidimme: The Metal-processing, Furniture, Wood and Packaging Technology Institute is a technological center whose purpose is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the metalworking sector, mainly in the field of design and development of innovative products and materials. It participates in all the phases of the Farmitank project and among its functions we could highlight the collaboration in the design work and the carrying out of technical calculations of the tank's resistance, the design of the foundation and the safety and operation study, among others.




Tecnova: The TECNOVA technology center promotes innovation and technological development to improve the competitiveness and profitability of companies in the agro-industrial sector. Specialized in the Auxiliary Industry, Postharvest and Fruit and Vegetable Packaging, their collaboration in this project focuses on the analysis of different substrates for our cultivation system and the search for the optimal solution.




Wageningen University & Research: Dutch Public University ranked as one of the best universities in the world in the field of horticulture and food science. His collaboration focuses on crop advice, specially in seed selection, product quality analysis and selection of nutritious recipes for irrigation.




IRTA: Research Institute of the Generalitat de Cataluña whose purpose is to promote the investigation and the technical development in the agri-food sector. At its facilities located in Cabrils, the first cultivations tests of this project are carried out, mainly focused on the study of lighting in the prototype I.


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